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A 60 year old man in trauma after witnessing his wife bathing with their 21 year old son


Life turns to the other way round when the ages pills up. Marriage as many say it is a must for a man and a woman to get married within a certain stage in life is sometimes unfruitful and may yield to something negative.

We have had an encounter with a particular 60 year old man who is seriously suffering from a big emotional distress. Having a conversation with the man in question he said he has married for 24 years with his lovely for wife whose name has been hidden for some reasons.

According to the man the marriage started with massive peace, love and harmony until everything turned upside down during the moment his business collapsed. He continued that during this hard times his wife started  behaving awkward because she is the only person who will now go out, work and find something for them to eat.

This made the marriage so bitter for him, and all the happiest moments in  the marriage seemed like hell.

I used to love my wife so much, provide for her anytime she is in need. Now I’ve lost everything so she seemed not to care about me anymore. I hardly get the opportunity to even ask her in bed because she keeps complaining she tired all the time.

The most disgusting part is one day I was off to my home town, and came home late only to meet my with and our eldest son in the bathroom. This has made me so sad, and I don’t even know how to explain this to myself. I don’t even want to suspect that there is something going on between them. I ask her why they should both be in the bathroom and she ended treating me like a 7 years old child. This is the story of my life that has kept me indoors, I’m dying emotionally and I believe God will answer my prayers.

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We tried to call the woman to questions, but the man said we shouldn’t try else she will not even provide her with food.

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