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President Akoffu Addo Swers in Mr.Ken Ofori Atta As Finance Minister

  1. Mr. Ofori-Atta was nominated by the President for the Finance Minster position in January,after two days of vetting by Parliament Appointments Committee,his nomination was finally Approved.

Hon. Ken Ofori Atta having served the same position on Nana Addo’s first term was once again sworn into office the second time for the Finance Minister role.

Indeed, you have your work cut out for you even though our economy despite the pandemic was of the few in the world that recorded positive GDP growth in 2020,” the President said as he sworn in Mr.ken Ofori Atta.

He noted that improving the standard of living of Ghanaians is paramount and charged Mr. Ofori-Atta to introduce measures that will raise the profits of business.

“Ultimately what the people of Ghana are expecting is a visible improvement in their standard of living that’s an increase in the real wages for working people and enhancement of the income of farmers and fisherfolk and a rise of profits for businesses.”He added:

“So talk of good macro and economic management, fiscal responsibility in GDP growth has to reflect that goal if the talk is to be meaningful. So I indicated to your colleague ministers the Ghanaian people have given us four more years to do more for them.

“So as you assume your position in government, I urge you to provide leadership that will ensure that the work on which we are embarked benefits the progress of why they voted for us.” He ended with these words to sworn in The Finance Minster.

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