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Coronavirus: China not using virus to explore Africa – Ambassador


The Chinese ambassador to Ghana, H.E Shi Ting Wang has refuted statements claiming the Chinese government is helping Africa with some equipmenst to fight COVID-19 just to court political favor on the continent.

According to him, China has always been around to support the African continent and will never stop helping Africa especially as the world suffers from the COVID-19 outbreak.

He made this statement in a panel discussion organized on Happy FM’s Morning Show centered on the theme, COVID-19: Wuhan 76 Days after lockdown.

“It is nonsense to say China is using COVID-19 to gain favor from Africa. Africa has always been there for us and China is there for everyone. China has been there to support Africa from the very beginning. We have supported some parts of Africa to gain their liberation from colonial rule and have helped with many developmental projects. I think it is nonsense for people to say China is using the virus to seek favor from Africa when we’ve always had a great relationship with the continent.” He said.

Questioning the statement which has been made on countless occasions by some European countries, H.E Shi Ting Wang asked, “Where are these European nations making these statements? They have not even sent a helping hand even though they colonized Africa some years back.” He added.

With the worst of the coronavirus in its rearview now, China has been sending in assistance to other countries, especially those on the African continent as most parts of Europe and the United States concentrate on their own outbreaks.



Source: Happyghana.com

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