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Coronavirus vaccines to cost US$2.60 per person –Dr Amponsah-Achiano

Dr Kwame Amponsah Achiano, Programme Manager at the Expanded Programme on Immunization Centre of the Ghana Health Service has stated that the estimated cost for the vaccination will be between US$2.60 to US$ 3.00 per person.

Speaking at a Ministry of Information press briefing on the theme “COVID-19 vaccinations rollout plan”, Dr Achiano said the Ministry is taking measures to ensure that every person takes two shots of the vaccine which is likely to cost US$2.60 to US$3.00.

“The estimated cost, we are looking at…for every person getting two-shot that will cost at least about US$2.60 to US$3.00 per person to be vaccinated for two doses,” he said at Friday’s press briefing.

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Explaining what the Ministry has done so far, Dr Achiano said “the plan has been presented by the honourable minister, the DG and other team members to the Presidential Task Force for COVID-19 response and WHO. They have reviewed and approved it, and I am sure many of you have heard of COVAX, it is the facility that is supporting countries with equitable distribution of the vaccine, so COVAX is giving us a requirement of 20 million vaccines for our population”.

Source : Ghanaweb

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