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I never dissed Samini in ‘Oga’ – K.K. Fosu

Trinity was one of the most vibrant trios in the early days of Hiplife, it was made up of K.K. Fosu, Kokoveli and Samini. The group served Ghanaians with several hit songs like Sudwe and ZaZa.

However, the group couldn’t stand the test of time and members had to go separate ways, as an active member of the group, K.K. Fosu explains the reason for the group’s break up in an exclusive interview with Hammer on Hammer Time on Pure FM and saying that “We all came from different backgrounds and we had different views and preferences, so we decided to go separate ways but we’re coming back soon. As I speak with you right now, we’re recording a remix of ZAZA”.

Reacting to the longstanding rumours that his hit song ‘Oga’ was a diss song to Samini after the fallout of the group, he explained and said “Oga was a controversial song I created for everybody but unfortunately it was released during the breakup of the group, Trinity”.



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