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Lesbians & homosexuals are not normal – Captain Effah Dartey

A former legislator, a lawyer and playwright, Captain John Kwame Nkrabea Effah Dartey has described practitioners of LGBTQI as evil, mad and abnormal bunch of people who must be despised and totally condemned without mercy.

Speaking to this reporter in his plush legal office at Asylum Down, the astute lawyer took a heavy swipe at practitioners of LGBTQI as people who must not be entertained here in Ghana at all. According to him, as a strong Catholic, he cannot and will not entertain and tolerate these group of people the least.

“Let me go to the realm of the law first. If we read the criminal code of 1960, it describes homosexuality as unnatural carnal knowledge as an offence of misdemeanour but not a criminal offence. So, these people cannot be prosecuted under the 1960 criminal Act, but the law frowns on it as very unlawful. So, though our laws don’t criminalise homosexuality it can still punish offenders when caught in the act”.

“Nevertheless, the laws of Ghana uphold morality and values of our esteem cultures in customary law permits and we in Ghana cherish our cultural values and customs. Since as a people we detest LGBTQI, the courts can apply misdemeanour sanctions against practitioners”.

Asked if Parliament could not enact a new stiffer law to make the practice unpalatable, he said, he doesn’t expect the legislators to spend precious time on these mad people because there is no way they will get what they want in Ghana and Africa. He opined that these people can only operate undercover but cannot operate openly and like any lawful organization.

“These people can only operate in darkness and can never outnumber Christians and Muslims in Ghana forever so we should not panic, but if the country deems it fit to outlaw it, I’m for it but as it is now they are very few and don’t pose any real danger to our country”.

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The former legislator queried “Why should people defy the natural order of sleeping with a woman and resort to this unapproved despicable behaviour? As far as I am concerned, sleeping with a woman or a man of your choice in natural and approved way is the best and sweetest experience one can get, because that is what God approves”.

“As a devout Christian, I chose my religion above my profession as a lawyer and will say the practice is devilish, abnormal and inhuman. If you read Exodus and Leviticus chapters, the Creator strongly condemns these acts and warns of dire consequences for people who do these abominable things. Sorry, I’m a lawyer but I don’t approve of it”.

Captain Effah Dartey further stated that most deadly diseases plaguing the world is as a result of this despicable act even including the current COVID-19 pandemic. He asked, “Why must I insert my genital organ into germs and bacterial infected cavity to infect myself with incurable diseases. How enjoyable is that one as against natural one?”

He concluded by urging all Ghanaians to boldly speak against this obnoxious, despicable and ungodly act. “We stand to incur the wrath of God if we fail to stop this evil act in our country. If we fail to stop this act now, then our very existence on earth will be endangered. God said to marry, produce and multiply on earth like sand. How do we fulfil this commandment of God if we turn round to practice LGBTQI?

Source : Ghanaweb

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