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Man accused of impregnating step-daughters denies responsibility


A 41-year-old man who has been accused of impregnating his two step-daughters aged 15 and 13, has denied the allegations.

According to Mr Kwaku Boateng, the accused, he could not have slept with the girls because of the love he has for them as a father.

He spoke in Twi to Captain Smart, host of ‘An?pa B?fo?’ morning show on Angel FM on Friday, February 19, 2021.

Mr. Boateng said: “All they are saying is not true. I leave everything in the hands of God to judge. I love the girls so much and their mother knows the kind of relationship that exists between us.”

He continued: “I first met their mother when the 13-year-old Blessing was about 4 years old. I have since been looking after them till now. I funded their education. I even took them to a private school. Days I’m unable to meet their financial needs, I try to borrow from their mother [Madam Gladys Koomson] and it turns into arguments.”

He further supported his argument with claims that when the biological fathers of the girls denied them, he [Mr. Boateng] took on the responsibility and parented them for which reason he could not have slept with them.

“The girls have different biological fathers. The woman herself told me that when she informed one of the fathers of the girls about her pregnancy, he denied responsibility for it. I took them as my biological daughters and parented them.

“Since 2019, I have not sent money to my own children who live elsewhere. All the money goes into providing for these two children [the defiled girls]. Their mother is always away for funeral and spends two weeks. I am the one always around taking care of them and when I speak about it, it turns into a dispute,” he said.

That notwithstanding, Mr. Boateng does not deny leaving Kasoa SCC for Kakraba with Blessing who is now five months pregnant.

According to him, he, Blessing and the youngest child whom he has with Madam Glays left for the place in July 2020.

“I got a new home so I was hoping that their mother and the two children [Blessing and the 9-year-old] would come with me. The woman told me she would come two weeks later due to her work. Then, the eldest child, Maame Afua 15, was at Kwabenya living with someone else. So I left for the place with Blessing and the youngest child. It was in July 2020.”

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When asked questions about Blessing’s periods and whether she was experiencing it before leaving for Kakraba, Mr. Boateng gave an affirmative reply.

He said: “She was menstruating before we left for Kakraba. Whenever she experiences it, she informs me and I buy her sanitary towels to manage the situation. I have witnessed her blood flow many times.”

Responding to questions on her pregnancy in relation to her menstrual periods within the five months, he noted that because he is a man, he is unable to monitor her cycle as her mother would do to determine whether or not she is pregnant.

For that reason, he only asks whether the sanitary towels are used up and whether more would be required.

“She informs me when the sanitary towels are used up and when she has passed the period. So when it comes, the girl herself informs me. I am unable to check her like her mother would do because I am a man. So when she informs me that she is in her period, I give her money to buy the sanitary towels and I go my way.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Boateng has indicated that he will accept and take responsibility if he is being accused to be responsible for Blessing’s pregnancy and Maame Afua’s four-month-old baby, stressing his love for them.

“I have told you from the beginning that I love the children. I haven’t been taking care of my own children; I don’t get enough money to send to them, but for these ones I have always met their needs,” Mr. Boateng noted.


On February 17, 2021, two siblings Maame Afua and Blessing, aged 15 and 13 respectively were reported to have been allegedly impregnated by their step-father Mr. Kwaku Boateng.

Maame Afua has given birth to a four-month-old baby boy while Blessing is five months pregnant.

The issue has been taken up by the Police and institutions responsible for abuses like Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) for appropriate action.


Source: angelonline.com.gh

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