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Reactions on Covid19 effect on real estate business


Musicians and producers during this COVID-19 season are struggling to survive in the music industry. Producers are not getting work to do as compared to the previous years, this is because musicians are not coming in with their projects due to the lockdown issued to control the spread, therefore artists are forced to set up their studio in other to keep them in the game and not to infringe on the lockdown rules.

To do this they need to go in for houses and other properties to be able to set up their studios and at the same time shows and programs that could help artists to generate income has been ceased due to human restriction and for that matter, they find it difficult to make a bid for houses or set up their studios to keep them in the music game in this COVID season thus declining the success of their career.

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COVID-19 is not affecting only musicians but everybody in our societies. The spread of the virus has restricted people from traveling from one zone to another to purchase properties making it difficult for the real estate business to rise. And because those running the real estate businesses are also found working from home due to the COVID-19  old houses which were supposed to be sold out to be able to put up new ones are still available. This keeps the business stagnant and prices dropping.

I made a purchase recently to isolate myself and my family, and  If I am to consider refinancing and buying a new property or increasing the size of my house  I would love to do it during this COVID season since there is a drop in prices so that I would be able to work from home around my family.

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