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Robbery plan backfires as ‘thugs’ discipline informant

The adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’ came to play when a young man hired a group of men at Sowutuom, in Accra to rob his former boss thinking they were armed robbers.

The group members who were angry the man considered them robbers held him by both legs and hands as their leader gave him the beating of his life with a cable.

In a video making rounds on Facebook, the young man who says he is a driver denied asking the group to rob his former boss, claiming that he rather asked them to help him retrieve the money the woman owes him.

“I used to drive a Black American, but she refused to pay me fully, so I quit the job and came to Sowutuom. I wanted you to go and take my money for me,” he claimed while the leader of the group interrogated him.

The leader of the group, however, insisted the driver came to him with a request to rob his former boss.

He added that the driver said he was going to take him to the woman’s house to survey the place before the operation.

“Didn’t you tell me that when we go, we should apprehend the security man and let him lead us to the woman,” he quizzed the man, further asking him why he wanted them to rob the woman when he claimed she owes him.

The driver fumbled as he tried to answer the question being posed at him.

The men were angry the driver deemed them capable of carrying out such act instead of reporting the case to the police.

He finally owned up to the leader’s allegations after being given some lashes with a red cable to serve as a warning to others in the area who think they are criminals.


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