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Twitter users react to Pastor Chris’s ‘5G conspiracy theory’



Since the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus in China last year December, there have been conspiracy theory videos linking symptoms of the pandemic to 5G networks.

There are claims 5G suppresses the immune system and the virus is somehow using the network’s radio waves to communicate and pick victims, accelerating its spread.

Founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhiloma appeared in a video where he supported the conspiracy theory.

Even though there have been a lot of criticisms directed at the man of God, an army of tweeps are declaring support for the preacher with a hashtag #iStandWithPastorChris.

With thousands of tweets made with the hashtag, majority of the tweeps are either Christian faithfuls who feel the current happenings fall in line with the bibles prediction of events preceding the end time, while others think it all plays into a bigger picture of a new world order.

Either ways, the argument on the true origin of the novel coronavirus which is claiming several lives across the world is a question that is yet to receive a definite answer and will probably see more theories with more arguments being made for or against them.

Check out some of the #iStandWithPastorChris tweets below

Pastor Benson Julius@BensonJulius

How could a Nigerian Pastor gathered 3 billion people on single night online? Jealousy loading..

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Charlene Ejike@CharleneEjike

A day will come when people will remember him for what he said!

Thanks to also those against him they have successfully made the hashtag () Trend! ?

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Saint Adlexx 1st@saintadlexx

LoveWorld nation has more than 5 major networks that is beaming from Africa to the whole world, I mean 3 billion people! if there’s anyone who would love 5G, it would be Pastor Chris. For him to be against it like this means, you should be attentive!

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You see this man… This man that has taking the responsibility for the Church all over the world at this critical time. We should be grateful and pray for him.

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Ogbonnaya Chibuzor@Frankbonnke

Pastor Chris is not preaching a conspiracy theory, he is preaching against a conspiracy.
Hit the like button if you agree❤️

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bunmi okafor@Okaforbunmi

The voice of truth is not readily accepted, but believing a lie does not make it true. because he speaks the truth from God’s word, not vain words of man’s wisdom…

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Y’all have to be guided,
Why would a “technology lover” say something false against if there are no evil perpetrators with sinister motives.
Refuse to be blinded by the lies of the Government from now till the end ♥️♥️♥️

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SPACEMAN ?@ThisiSpaceman

he presented some shocking facts tonight and did a thorough research on the 5G subject. I watched WHO saying people will be forcefully taken from their homes and Bill Gates talking about Compulsory vaccines. Pastor Chris read most people here don’t.

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Sharpman Olumati@Mr_Sharpman

Some people are sitting at home and trying to provoke an arrest for this Man? Someone who is constantly praying for the world and world leaders? Something is intrinsically wrong with world people

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TESTIMONY (MR JAGA)@testimonyjaga

What am I hearing on this app? Arrest who??? Please be guided ooo!

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Kenneth Mohulatsi@ChristInMeLife

Pastor Chris said nothing wrong, all that he said was proven by the scriptures, by the videos, by what the government is doing ,and he led people to the word of God and to God that’s a man from God

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Why are they mad at this man, when he supported his claims with proof, he openly invited people with contrary stance to provide their proofs. No one is providing contrary evidence but are just saying he’s lying. Because of why?

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