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What has contact tracing got to do with our bank details? – Lawyer questions Akufo-Addo


Private Legal Practitioner, Francis Kwarteng Arthur is questioning the rationale behind the government’s request for the personal information of Ghanaians as part of the contact tracing process to identify persons affected by the Coronavirus.

Mr. Kwarteng Arthur believes that the government’s contact tracing exercise does not give President Nana Akufo-Addo the right to access anyone’s private details, particularly bank details.

Kelni GVG Limited, on March 27, 2020, acting on behalf of the President wrote to all communication network service operators directing them, to put the applicant’s personal information and that of other subscribers at their disposal. This information includes subscribers’ addresses, time of calls and/or text messages and calls content as well as personal information on address, bank details, etc.

But describing the act as unlawful, Mr. Arthur said he is not ready to give out any of such information without his express permission or consent.

“As for me, I won’t let them have my personal details. The law does not allow that in the name of contact tracing, the president can access call log, text message, and bank details. You are embarking on contact tracing in this little Ghana and you want to have access to the data over 20million subscribers that is outrageous. What at all has contact tracing got to do with my bank transactions anyway?” he asked.

The lawyer who has already filed an application before the Human Rights Division of the High Court to challenge the president’s directives is also threatening to sue Vodafone and MTN, who are the current holders of his personal mobile data.

“I use Vodafone and MTN so I will be suing them both. I’m also asking the court to prevent them from giving out my information to any third party,”

When asked why he feels insecure about the fact that the president could access his private data, he replied by saying;

“Why is the president interested in the content of my text messages or bank details? Every human being has the right to privacy and Chapter 5 of Act 775 in the constitution guarantees that right,” he added.



Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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